Zesty, Funny, Kind Narration: Kae Denino

“Kae is an earthy, warm, vivacious narrator. Her range stretches from youthful fantasy to creepy mystery to incisive humor. You will find her to be disciplined, focused and professional. She’s also one of the most thoughtful and enjoyable people I know.” 
—Carol Monda

  • “Kae is absolutely wonderful to work with. Her kind and authentic voice
    brings humanity to her narration.” –Erick Black, Dreamscape
  • Member of SAG-AFTRA + APA
  • Studied Shakespeare at Oxford Uni + the Globe Theatre
  • Coaches: Carol Monda, Hillary Huber, Johnny Heller

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Contemporary, Literary and Historical Fiction, YA/Children’s, Cozy Mystery, Fantasy, Self-help/Spirituality, Romance, Thrillers, Non-Fiction.

Accents: I’ve lived in England, North Carolina, and the Southwestern US, speak a little Spanish and have travelled in Australia. Other accents–for a children’s travel series–include Austrian, Thai, and General Irish.

Commercial Work

Hundreds of commercials for colleges, restaurants, medical and dental centers, festivals, retail shops, salons, and cars. Oh the cars.

Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia commercial representation by Docherty Talent Agency.

Kae Denino was a dream to work with. She was thorough, responsive, thought about the characters and how to bring them to life, took care with the story and its setting, and was scrupulous and patient about pronouncing some tricky foreign words. It was magical to have her acting enlarge and enrich my story. I felt as if she was a true collaborator, and will definitely hire her again for the second book in my trilogy!

Susanne Dunlap, Listen to the Wind

Kae Denino is a dream narrator. She brings passion, imagination, and emotional intelligence to her work. She is reliable and hard working. She is a good communicator and a good listener. She is dedicated to her work and is an advocate for her authors. She is my go-to narrator, and I am always delighted with her work.

Wendy Ledger, Kate and the Horses

Kae Denino is an absolute delight to work with. Her narration skills are best in class. Her expression, intonation, and pacing beautifully capture the intent and spirit of the work. Our Pack-n-Go Girls adventures are complicated because they all involve foreign languages—Spanish, Thai, Portuguese, German, and Australian English. She did extensive homework and mastered each one. We really appreciated how quickly she responded to edits and kept us informed at all times with the status. We’re forever fans of this amazing and talented artist!

Janelle Diller, The Pack n' Go Girls


  • Sennheiser MKH 416
  • Mogami Cables
  • Scarlett 2i4 interface
  • Adobe Audition Creative Cloud P+R
  • Sound Engineering from Joe Brookhouse and George Whittam

It’s a custom built 5 x 6 with:

  • two layers of drywall
  • five inches of insulation
  • in the corner of a basement of a sturdy, single unit home
  • in a quiet neighborhood
  • with enough Auralex to stop a Ferrari.

Brief Bio

Kae Marie Voice Over Production

The reason I’m not a beach bum

In 1977, in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, an elementary school assembled their students and many of their parents in a sweaty gymnasium. Each grade would present something—a song, a skit. But the public address system croaked. Women fanned themselves, kids squirmed. The cold drinks were all in the cafeteria. The principal walked onto the stage, put her hands over her brow to shield from the hot lights, and said, “WHERE’S KAE DENINO?” And little second grade me walked up and regaled the crowd with such splendor as, “Dear Ladies and Gentlespoons! On Tuesday, the day after Thursday, there will be a ladies meeting for men only…” and so on until the show could continue. I may have sung Yankee Doodle Dandy.

My instruction started back then as well—the Muppets, Robin Williams, Richard Pryor, Gene Wilder, Blondie, Eddie Murphy, Laurie Anderson…Loni Anderson. I took it all in and it’s been on ever since.

Give me a microphone and I will listen and learn and do my darndest. I attended college for free because of Speech and Debate, and won five world championships in England and France. I talk a lot about human trafficking, taught college for 20 years, and spoke at every wedding, funeral, awards ceremony—you get it.

Now I’m a single mom of the world’s most beautiful, vivacious twins, and narration is how I support us. We are lucky. Thank you for all that you do to make the world a happier place, and be in touch if you’d like to work together.

Would Love to Chat!


(614) 800-9313

Columbus, OH

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