I narrate because: I am good at it, I like it and I can be here for my kids and pay for our house. But my real life purpose is to use my money, time and energy to fight poverty and oppression, and by narrating, I can do that.

Audie Awards Short List Nominee 2020

Click on ‘Em! A Smattering of Audiobooks

Commercial Work

Hundreds of commercials for colleges, restaurants, medical and dental centers, festivals, retail shops, salons, and cars. Oh the cars.

for Ohio Commercial Work please contact:

Kae Marie VOP: Commercial Work Representation

Coaching + Studio

COACHING-wise, Carol Monda, J Michael Collins, Hillary Huber, Eric Martin, Tommy Griffiths and the great folks at the Audiobook Publishers Association

STUDIO-wise, all is well with the universe:

  • Sennheiser MKH 416
  • Mogami Cables
  • Scarlett 2i4 interface
  • Adobe Audition Creative Cloud with Travis Baldree’s Punch + Roll
  • Audio Approval from George Whittam (“I wish everyone’s studio sounded as good as yours.”)

For the record, it’s a custom build 5×6, with five inches of insulation, two layers of drywall, and enough Auralex to to stop a Ferrari. Please come by if you’re in the neighborhood. I make great cappuccino.

A Sampling of Happy Clients

Brief Bio

Kae Marie Voice Over Production

The reason I’m not a beach bum

I’ve had 65 addresses, 48 jobs, have directly saved 3 people’s lives, and am a single mama of twins. I cook, garden, fight human trafficking, go barefoot and have a round belly that keeps me humble. I don’t drink alcohol, do drugs or smoke cigarettes because I tried it all and am good to go from here.

If there was such thing as perfection, it would be that read

Comcast Spotlight

Kae is the sweetest VO I have ever worked with

87 Secondes

The narrator was perfect


Would Love to Chat!


(614) 800-9313

Columbus, OH

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